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Mobile Bearing Knee Replacement

Mobile bearing total knee replacements

I prefer to use mobile bearing total knee replacements on most of my active patients. I have been doing total knees for over 27 years in practice in Scottsdale, so I have had a chance or two to see many different kinds of knee replacements in action. While published research on patients who have had either a mobile bearing knee, or a fixed bearing total knee, is mostly showing similar early and mid term results, I am convinced that the real value of the rotating platform will show itself in the longer term view.  We know that total knees will not last forever. They are mechanical devices that tend to gradually fail over time. While good results can be seen up to 30 years out, many knees will loosen or wear out before then. I like to think of the plastic mobile bearing as a shock absorber, that will dissipate many of the shocks and loads applied to the knee over so many years. Much like the shock absorbers on your bicycle or car, stress and excessive forces on the knee can be modulated by the mobile bearing. The force energy is turned into motion, and less force is felt by the underlying bone attachment to cement. Many of my patients feel like they have more lateral rotation of their knee as well, which should be beneficial in activities such as raquet sports and golf. Time will tell if I am correct, but in my opinion, a mobile bearing in the knee is a very good idea.


Rotating Platform total knee- a mobile bearing knee!


I believe mobile bearing knee replacements are better for most of my patients.    Click here to watch  this video by Dr. Kozinn explaining why he feels that way.   A good place to get info on total knee replacement is the AAOS public ortho-info site. Click here to read what they have to say about Total Knee Replacement.