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Contact Dr. Stuart C. Kozinn MD


Dr. Stuart Kozinn is an expert in Total Joint Replacement and Arthroscopic Orthopedic Surgery. We specialize in surgery of the HIP, KNEE, and SHOULDER, and have been in practice in Scottsdale, Arizona for 27 years.  Call us to make an appointment at 480-994-1149.  Stuart C. Kozinn MD. 2015 CV

Or email us at or

Chief of Surgery Scottsdale Lincol Health network-Osborn

Chief of Surgery
Scottsdale Lincoln Health network-Osborn

Dr. Stuart C. Kozinn can be reached by phone at the main office number 480-994-1149. Speak to Gerry or Lisa about scheduling your appointment. We try to minimize the waiting time for new patients to get in for consultation. Please note that Dr. Kozinn is no longer a participating provider for Aetna, Humana, or Medicare, however we will work with you to utilize your out of network financial benefits or to make special arrangements,

Our office is in the Town Center Medical building 7301 E 2nd st #102 Scottsdale AZ

Total Knee Replacement

Dr. Kozinn is a recognized leader in orthopedic surgery in Scottsdale, Arizona specializing in total knee and other complex joint replacement surgeries.

7301 E. 2nd St. #102
Scottsdale, AZ

Phone: 480-994-1149

You can reach us by Email at .

Our telephone answering service will answer the phone 24hrs a day if our office is closed.  They will send a text message to the doctor who will then call you back if he is available.  Sometimes messages do not go through, so If you have a true emergency, it is always best to go directly to the closest Emergency room.  You may also contact your family doctor for advice.

Our websites have much of the information  for an elective total joint replacement that you may need.   Check   or for more info.

We have  a surgical assistant PA ( Physician Assistant)  and an NP (nurse Practitioner)- who work with our Total Joint Center team and  are also available to answer your medical /procedural questions in the hospital.

Their contact information is:

Stephanie Markolf – NP -nurse practitioner (SHC Osborn Hospital 6 West) 480-882-4660

Kevin Redus – PAC -Surgical assistant to Dr. Kozinn 480 994 1149


…you may leave them a message and we will call you back .

For billing Questions; you may call Jill at 480 994 1149 to leave a message  or contact her by email at

View our introductory video about Knee Replacement Surgery on the home page at

Also view Dr. Kozinn’s profile and CV at Linkedin

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