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Why more patient’s “like” partial knee replacements…

  Osteoarthritis of the knee is painful and disabling. It is even worse when both knees are involved. While total knee replacements are very effective at relieving pain from arthritis, the rehab and recovery can be longer and prohibitive for some individuals.  Medial joint space arthritis gives a curved “bow-leg” appearance to the legs as the cartilage wears out on the inner side of the knee.  Partial knee replacements fill the lost cartilage space with a mobile bearing plastic insert along with a metal “resurfacing” of the worn out bone. We were able to help our active patient (above) get back into action with unicompartmental knee replacements […]

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Joe’s Total Knee Story:

Joe Tamerantz was barely able to walk when I met him in the Scottsdale office due to his knee problems.  He had worked hard his whole life, and was still working in the auto industry when he realized he could  not go on any more due to extreme  pain. He had very severe knee arthritis with a very bad angular deformity. Every time he put weight on the knee it buckled and gave out. His Boss knew he could not do his job well anymore. Joe was nervous about surgery, but he knew had had no choice – he was too […]

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Tony’s Total Knee Story

    Knee replacement surgery can change a patient’s life.  Just ask Tony Danninger. “I can stand and walk forever now,” says Danninger, a Phoenix resident who works as a lead security screener at Sky Harbor International Airport. “Before my surgeries, I was collapsing and sometimes falling when I would take a step down, because my knees were in such bad shape.  Now that Dr. Kozinn at the Scottsdale Joint Center has replaced both my knees,  life is so much better.”  Danninger had his total knee replacement surgeries a little more than a year apart.  First was his left knee, […]

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