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Tony’s Total Knee Story


The Rotating Platform knee manufactured by Johnson and Johnson, can flex and rotate, better simulating the function of a normal knee.



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A rotating platform total knee with stem extensions for increased stability in soft bone, or for better bone support in active athletes.

Knee replacement surgery can change a patient’s life.  Just ask Tony Danninger. “I can stand and walk forever now,” says Danninger, a Phoenix resident who works as a lead security screener at Sky Harbor International Airport. “Before my surgeries, I was collapsing and sometimes falling when I would take a step down, because my knees were in such bad shape.  Now that Dr. Kozinn at the Scottsdale Joint Center has replaced both my knees,  life is so much better.”  Danninger had his total knee replacement surgeries a little more than a year apart.  First was his left knee, when he underwent a minimally invasive procedure on his right knee. “The technique preserves more of the quadriceps muscle in the thigh,” says Stuart Kozinn, M.D., a nationally acclaimed orthopedic surgeon on staff at Scottsdale Healthcare who performed Danninger’s surgeries. “And we used a rotating platform that allows the new knee to bend and rotate, so it feels more natural in active patients”.


Dr. Kozinn has so many patients playing softball with total knees, that they hung this banner out in centerfield.

According to Dr. Kozinn, “The rotating platform acts like a shock absorber, hopefully offering a longer-lasting knee joint for younger and more active patients who still want to participate in sports such as golf and tennis”. Dr. Kozinn favors the rotating platform knee in most active individuals.  “It has a self-centering” and self-aligning feature that decreases stress on the implant cement interface. I expect these knees to last longer because of this”. Also the plastic implant “feels” less friction over time because it is free to move and rotate. I have not seeen one of these rotating platform plastic implants wear out yet, and I have been in practice for 25 years!  Knees can fail for other reasons over time – but so far the results I am seeing with the RP knee are excellent. I have many patients playing senior softball and tennis with RP knees.