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Dr. Stuart Kozinn, MD

Dr. Stuart Kozinn, MD - Orthopedic Knee Replacement SurgeonDr. Stuart C. Kozinn is a highly regarded orthopedic knee replacement surgeon in Arizona who has been helping to improve his patients lives for over 30 years using advanced joint reconstruction techniques. Dr. Kozinn’s training includes a Total Joint Replacement Fellowship at Harvard Medical School, and graduation from the highest ranked orthopedic residency training program, at The Hospital for Special Surgery, Cornell Medical Center in New York City.

He received his MD degree from UCLA Medical School in 1982 with an academic award for his innovative joint replacement research describing bone ingrowth into cementless skeletal implants. He is an expert at minimally invasive and muscle sparing surgery techniques that allow patients to recover more rapidly.  Dr. Kozinn specializes in complex total joint reconstructions, and he performs his surgeries at Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Center. Dr. Kozinn is the Medical Director of the highly rated Total Joint Center at HonorHealth Osborn.  His signature  operation is complex Total Knee Replacement and he has been doing them for over 27 years in practice. He is also the current Chief of Surgery at HonorHealth-Osborn where works daily to improve quality care for all patients.  Dr. Kozinn has also served as  the Chief of Orthopedics for many years in the past at Scottsdale Osborn.  Dr Kozinn is also the current President of the Scottsdale Joint Center and it’s Medical Director.  Dr. Kozinn is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix.  We teach students on our orthopedic service, and Phoenix now has a growing, major academic medical center at The University of Arizona Biomedical campus downtown.  Much of the clinical teaching with students is done in private physician’s offices.

When you are finally disabled from the activities you like to do,  find a skilled knee surgeon and consider the benefits of a total knee replacement or a partial knee replacement…

Dr. Kozinn has had years of academic training which includes his extensive orthopedic research.  He has authored many scientific publications and performs his surgeries in a Total Joint Center using innovative rapid recovery techniques.  Dr. Kozinn is the Chief of Surgery at his hospital, HonorHealth – Osborn, and he is highly regarded among orthopedic surgeons who perform partial knee replacement and total knee replacement in Arizona.  Recently, Dr. Kozinn has also been a leader in bringing the Direct Anterior Approach for Total Hip Replacement to the Southwest area. This technique uses a special motorized table that helps to dislocate the hip joint without cutting any muscles.

Dr. Stuart Kozinn in his operating room at Scottsdale Osborn

Dr. Stuart Kozinn in his operating room at Scottsdale Osborn

 Patients usually recover at a faster rate, with less pain, and with more limited restrictions on their activities. Dr. Kozinn  is  the author of many peer reviewed scientific articles on joint replacement, and is particularly recognized internationally for his work in the field of Partial Knee Replacement surgery. His article in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery on “Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty – Current Concepts Review” is recognized internationally as an authoritative reference on the indications for partial knee replacement surgery.

Dr. Stuart Kozinn's published scientific paper of partial knee replacement is a classic reference for the indications of partial knee replacement.

Dr. Stuart Kozinn’s published scientific paper of partial knee replacement is a classic reference for the indications of partial knee replacement.

Dr. Stuart and Jill Kozinn

Dr. Stuart and Jill Kozinn, supporters of HonorHealth Osborn Campus and The Total Joint Center at Scottsdale Osborn

Dr. Kozinn has completed a “Total Joint Replacement Fellowship” at Harvard University, and operates on the hip and shoulder, as well as on the knee.  Also a published author and expert in Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery, Dr. Kozinn is now  offering his patients the new Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement. Please see our main practice website at and read more about hip and shoulder replacement.  The reverse shoulder now can fix previously unreconstructable shoulder problems by substituting improved implant design mechanics for a massive unrepairable rotator cuff tear. The reverse shoulder allows elevation of the arm by substituting the deltoid muscle for the rotator cuff.

Dr. Kozinn is one of the few surgeons in Arizona with expertise in reverse shoulder replacement

Dr. Kozinn is one of a few surgeons in Arizona with expertise in reverse shoulder replacement

 Patients with previously untreatable massive cuff tears and chronic and severe shoulder arthropathy problems  now have a new option.   We enjoy taking care of all age shoulder patients. Not all shoulder patients require surgery, many younger patients have instability problems that usually are best treated with an extended period of physical therapy and muscle strengthening before surgery is tried as a last resort.  For the middle aged weekend warrior however, rotator cuff problems are very common, and Dr. Kozinn is skilled at arthroscopic shoulder surgery and minimally invasive rotator cuff repair.

Karla Kreikamp loves her new anterior total hip. She will be ski-ing on it all winter. Go Karla!

Karla Kreikamp loves her anterior total hip. (She will be ski-ing on it all winter. )

Dr. Stuart Kozinn is now retired from clinical practice and so he can not see you as a patient in the office. He is teaching Medical Students and doing consulting work for the healthcare industry and for review of cases with pending legal questions. Please see his curriculum vitae for more information by clicking on the link posted below.

Stuart C. Kozinn MD. 2015 CV

Stuart C. Kozinn MD. 2015 CV