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Meet the Total Knee Replacement Surgeon at The Scottsdale Joint Center

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Dr. Stuart Kozinn is a recognized leader who specializes in total knee replacement for over 27 years in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Stuart Kozinn, MD
Stuart Kozinn MD

Dr. Kozinn is a consultant and knee replacement specialist in Scottsdale, Arizona. His experience with knee replacement surgery using the latest technologies includes over 30 years of experience. If you would like an private independent opinion regarding any aspect of total knee replacement, including complex second opinions and medical records reviews, please contact Dr. Kozinn directly via his personal email at .

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Dr. Stuart Kozinn listed as Top Orthopedic Surgeon for Kneeds in U.S. News & World Report Top Doctors
Dr. Stuart Kozinn in Sports Illustrated Dr. Kozinn listed as one of the Top Doctors in Phoenix Magazine 2013

Why more patient’s “like” partial knee replacements…

  Osteoarthritis of the knee is painful and disabling. It is even worse when both knees are involved. While total knee replacements are very effective at relieving pain from arthritis, the rehab and recovery can be longer and prohibitive for some individuals.  Medial joint space arthritis gives a curved “bow-leg” appearance to the legs as the cartilage wears out on the inner side of the knee.  Partial knee replacements fill the lost cartilage space with a mobile bearing plastic insert along with a metal “resurfacing” of the worn out bone. We were able to help our active patient (above) get back into action with unicompartmental knee replacements […]

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Meet Dr. Kozinn

Welcome. We are pleased to meet you and to help you get back to an active lifestyle again. We are very experienced at all aspects of Total Knee Replacement surgery and we hope this website will answer many of your questions about knee replacement. Please watch our videos below and also visit our office practice website at

Total Knee Blog

Some knees are more severely involved with arthritis than others. The knee shown in the picture below shows bone on bone grinding in more than one compartment. These knees are best treated with a full or “total” knee replacement which […]

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